Professional, Creative, and Affordable Solutions

The world of business is known to be cruel and leaves no chance for mistake.

Infrastructure Engineering

The quality and stability of your infrastructure can cause you headache and money. We help balance quality and stability without the price gouging. 

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Security Engineering

In today's world all businesses are more at risk than ever regardless of their size. Criminals have no boundaries and do not discriminate when stealing.

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Web Hosting

We only use high quality hardware and software for our servers. Super high speed connections, feature rich, and affordable pricing is just the start.

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Building Security

Protect your investments before they are damaged or stolen. We have many building security options available. 

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Time Clocks

Time is money; we can help you keep track of payroll, vacation, sick time, and much more with a time clock system. 

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Domain names

Here at Synergi Techs, you can register a new, renew an existing, or transfer your existing domain names. 

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Project Management

If you need project management you have come to the right place. We offer both long term and short term project management solutions.

HIPAA Compliance

Protecting patient data is very important.We can come onsite and do an evaluation of your infrastructure. A HIPPA violation can be catastrophic.

PCI Compliance

The PCI Industry is making a lot of changes that can be very costly to a small business. A violation can be even more costly. Be secure and smart.

Full Service IT

Our company offers full turn IT solutions for all business regardless of size or budget. Quality and happiness is our recipe for success.

Working For

It has been found that it is impossible to keep a foundation of loyal customers without a foundation of loyal employees. The best employees prefer to work for companies that provide the type of exceptional value that creates customer loyalty, thus, creating loyalty has become the toughest test for leadership.There have always been rumors and questions regarding the driving test. Here we look at one of those rumors and give an insight into how the driving test is conducted.